Engaged: Caitlin & Quint || Wake Forest Engagement

Soo life has been a little busy for me recently, with the whole getting married thing, but I am back home and back to work so time to get caught up on some blogging before wedding season hits for me in just a couple weeks! I shot Caitlin and Quints engagement pictures a couple months ago on a relatively warm day here in North Carolina and it was perfect! After their original engagement shoot got rained out a couple times, I was soo happy to choose a day with perfect weather! Caitlin and Quint are just the cutest and were up for anything I asked them to do! I am soo excited to shoot their beautiful wedding this May!
2015-03-25_0002 2015-03-25_0003 2015-03-25_0004 2015-03-25_0005 2015-03-25_0006 2015-03-25_0007 2015-03-25_0008 2015-03-25_0009 2015-03-25_0010 2015-03-25_0011 2015-03-25_0012

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